Posted by: Bill | May 10, 2008

Supporting the Bairs of Manhattan

As Heather and I drove to work on a gloomy Friday morning, the Maxima seemed to pilot itself. As we navigated through the metropolis that is Rosslyn, my peripheral vision registered this. I thought nothing of it until late morning as the time for lunch drew near. “I should make the treacherous journey to High Noon,” I decided.  I will, once again, prove my loyalty to the proprietors.

As I departed my office building, I was faced with the grim reality of how hazardous the trip would be. Somewhere amongst the chaos of 1200 19th St was my destination. Afraid to set out alone, I reached out to an old friend, one Lara J. Bair. Despite a construction-induced detour, she, too, completed the journey. It was immediately apparent that on this day, only a few were as brave.

While debating what to order, we were tempted by cookie samples (no doubt a well-executed ploy by the crack marketing staff). During checkout, we were both presented with the free cookie of our choice. We looked at each other and wondered aloud, “Do they already know who we are?” By this, I mean the sister-in-law of the recently ordained Queen of Balducci’s and her hungry sidekick. Just then, a Jewel song began to play, confirming our suspicion of preferential treatment.

Due to a recent professional triumph, I decided to indulge myself with the delightful Linguini and Meatballs. Happily, High Noon chooses to keep the nutrition information a secret for this particular meal. For a mere 600 calories, Lara dined on the highly-touted (by me) Southwestern Chicken Salad.  As we dined, we traded theories on the upcoming Penn State football season as well as the shameful revelations regarding past cheating by the New England Patriots (specifically, both a tape and notes regarding the beloved Pittsburgh Steelers). The leader of the establishment skillfully directed his staff while keeping one eye trained on his VIPs the entire time.

As we rose to depart, a hush came over the staff. Were they satisfied? What would they report to the Queen? Rest easy, my friends. All was well at High Noon on this day.

UPDATE: Since this was posted originally, Balducci’s sold High Noon and at least two of the locations have closed. Perhaps things did not go as well as we thought.


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