Posted by: Bill | October 27, 2008


I have been fighting a battle with myself regarding starting a blog for several months now.

Some of the pros I considered were:

  • Less spam for those of you out there that actually open and read my emails
  • One-stop shop for my brilliant, obvious and idiotic observations
  • Excellent forum for discussion of previously mentioned observations
  • Easy venue for posting of photos and video

The cons are pretty obvious. It’s quite possible I will enjoy this narcissistic activity so much that I will get fired and/or divorced. If you, brave reader, are in a position to fire me (or influence said firing), I request you give me due warning if you feel this is affecting my work. Most importantly, if you, most lovely and dedicated wife, feel this is affecting our marriage, please beat me with the Mag Light next to our bed.

That’s all for now. Please check out this post for details on RSS (Real Simple Syndication) as well as my current feelings on comments.


  1. This was long overdue and I’m glad your tipping point was reached. I will certainly be looking for the opportunity to tell you are wrong here. But I also hope you enjoy your easier opportunity to rant and distribute opinions.

  2. I found a few years ago that the success of my blog was dependent on keeping my emotional travails out of it. As long as you stick to cake-bread and punching holes in the insanity of the USA electing a socialist president, I think you’ll do fine. I already spend too much time away from my (soon to be) wife, so I’m staying out of the blogosphere with the exception of reading yours. Good on ya.

  3. Bill:

    If it affects your marriage, I”LL hit you with the maglite.

    Educate me. Why is a blog so different from an e-mail? I am assuming I have to “log in” to it as opposed to having it just show up in my e-mail “in-box”? I am so lazy that I probably won’t do that too often.

    Happy Halloween!

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