Posted by: Bill | October 29, 2008

Discourse and discussion

My plan is not to post more than once or twice a day (no really, I’m serious). In the past, many of you are painfully aware that I am prone to finding a link or two and forwarding it on, often with some commentary attached. I imagine this blog will be similar.

My goal is to draw comments from my esteemed readers. Please don’t be shy. My favorite part is when I offer an opinion that is countered in some fashion. Tell me why I’m wrong or perhaps just your perspective and I think we both gain. Please play nice and happy commenting.

If you are not familiar with Real Simple Syndication (RSS), please let me know if you are interested in help setting up an aggregator. Personally, I use Google Reader, but there are many others (Technorati, Bloglines, WordPress, Blogger and more). It’s the easiest way to read this and any other blog. No bookmarks, just one web page that pulls all of your content to it.



  1. […] all for now. Please check out this post for details on RSS (Real Simple Syndication) as well as my current feelings on […]

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