Posted by: Bill | October 29, 2008

Final NCLB regulations

After a quick review, I am inclined to agree with Mr. Petrilli over on Flypaper. Although his closing thoughts have a tinge of cynicism, I will allow their reproduction here:

Let me make a prediction: graduation rates will rise, and the value of a high school diploma will fall.

There was a time when conservatives worried about these sorts of unintended consequences. Now it’s likely up to Team Obama to do so. I’m not hopeful.

These regulations don’t feel like smaller governement to me. I know I know-NCLB was never about small government. Still, it feels that after 7 years we haven’t learned that much. A wiser soul than I disagrees.

This idea is much more my speed. The good news here, as always, is that no one will be letting me influence public policy decisions in the near future. This newfangled Internet thing makes having these opinions quite easy though.


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