Posted by: Bill | October 30, 2008

At last!

I can finally read about the lack of security with Obama’s web contributions from a mainstream media source. This story has been there for weeks and now it is finally being covered (by several outlets over the last few days). My personal opinion here is that this is downright shady. Why spend the time to look through all these transactions after the face when the software exists to handle it on the front end? Think of all the man hours they are supposedly spending to sort out the legit from the shady. A friend of mine from high school had his email, a fake name and some woman’s CC info used to donate to Obama. He is bitter and I would be too.

I pledge more election-related posts in the near future. They will be focused more on the process and less on the candidates themselves because I am, as usual, unhappy with the two primary options. Perhaps it is time to do some research on Bob Barr.

A few other links from today:

Lest we forget, there are still about 140,000 troops in Iraq. Here is an article from a freelance journalist that I read religiously.

I am not sure why I have been so amused by James Fallows chronicling the life and times of his memory stick (denouement here); perhaps some of you will enjoy it as much as I.

Any accusations that I am smiling at the thought of the New York Times experiencing financial difficulty are false (see below). Hat Tip to Instapundit. More problems for the MSM.

Save the NYT

Save the NYT


  1. A first for both of us. Your first blog, my first comment on a blog. Nice shout out for Bob Barr. I think we’ll see a larger showing of 3rd part votes this year, he’s still fringe but he could cost the republicans the election (if it’s really as close as the polls make it out to be). I hope it at least proves to be a wake up call.

    What’s a “battleground state” resident to do?

  2. […] since 1968 tomorrow. A lot of that credit does to Obama due not only to the record-breaking and possibly shady fundraising machine, but also the dedication and organization of his […]

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