Posted by: Bill | November 3, 2008

Pesky mortgages

Just a quick post this evening. These two articles seemed like decent proposals regarding the cornucopia of housing issues. I really like the limited government role in this plan. This Op Ed from the WSJ suggests shared appreciation mortgages (SAMs). If you can’t pay your mortgage, you get the option of writing down part of your debt. If your home begins to appreciate, you then need to share some of the gain with whoever helped you with your debt.

I am not going to pretend to have any answers regarding these issues. I do think both of these solutions have some merit and I’m willing to bet more solutions will surface. My point is that I really think the US is going to be just fine. We will bounce back, but the bounce may take a few years. So ends my exceptionally noncynical post for this evening.


  1. The SAM’s seem to help the problem I couldn’t resolve about who gets the appreciation value when these homes increase in value.

    I knew there had to be some smart perosn/organization out there to figure it out.

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