Posted by: Bill | November 5, 2008

Now what?

I’ve had the privilege to vote in 4 presidential elections. This is the first time the candidate I voted for prevailed (the story of my previous choices we will save for another time). “This is supposed to feel good” I thought, as I colored in my paper ballot with Obama’s name. I know he is going to win so this should make me happy. Instead, I had been dwelling on my McCain campaign disappointment.

Last night, the image of the overjoyed crowds had a surprising effect on me. It felt a lot like optimism which I would characterize as the melting away of a layer or two of cynicism. I was besieged by more images and anecdotes of these crowds over the last 24 hours. I love this America that is all fired up. Apparently, it’s infectious. But now what?

I wish this blog had more than 7 readers because I would implore everyone to try to remember this feeling, positive or negative, and channel it into being an engaged citizen of our nation. I’m not talking about service and sacrifice. I mean doing your best to educate yourself on important issues, consider multiple viewpoints and please do not let the New York Times or CNN be your primary news source.

I understand we are all busy and will soon be caught up again in the daily grind. If your day is packed and you only have time for one news source, just read this blog and believe everything I say. Just kidding…mostly. The Framers were very clear when they wrote the Constitution that the ignorant masses (you and I) should NOT be allowed to directly elect the President (or Senators for that matter). We have been trying to prove them wrong ever since, but I think we need to pay attention all the time, not just during an election cycle.

My mother’s family is from a small town (about 15,000 residents) in Pennsylvania called Pottsville (famous as the birthplace of Yuengling and not so famous for the Pottsville Maroons). I will never forget my first visit there after 9/11. EVERY house on Norwegian Street had a flag flying two and a half months after the attack. We shouldn’t need a horrifying attack to feel proud of our country or an historic election to feel hopeful.

Earlier today on Facebook, a friend’s status looked like this:

This, too, could be you

This, too, could be you

You can stay patriotic unnamed Facebook friend that is most definitely not reading this right now. Please try.


  1. I definitely did think of those weeks after 9/11/2001 when I was out on U Street at midnight on 11/04/2008.

    I also hope the engagement, galvanization and patriotism last, but my true opinion on that matter isn’t allowed here 🙂

    W/r/t the framer’s intent, I would like to point out that I live in Maryland, the first of four states to decide that the votes of the dirty, ignorant masses are more important than those of the electoral college. The popular vote will become the official vote for these states as soon as enough states to reach 270 electoral votes enact the same legislation. 50 votes down in one year, it’s not so far off!

  2. At least we proles get to elect our senators directly and that the popular vote at least directs the electors on how to vote.

  3. You’ve urged people to go beyond the NYT and CNN for news; did you? If you did, how could you have voted as you’ve indicated?

    McCain was a poor choice for the GOP and ran a poor campaign. However, the real farce in this election was the media’s full-court-press on behalf of Obama and the complete suppression of all information about what this man stands for and has stood for over the last twenty years or so.

    Presidential elections, unfortunately are a choice between the lesser of two evils. McCain’s failure was a poorly run election. Obama’s failure is a slavish adherence to views shared by men like Alinsky, Ayers, Khalidi, Marx, and Wright.

    Are you “hopeful” about Rahm Emanuel’s appointment as WH-COS?

    I’m not hopeful that there not going to be an onslaught of “progressive” legislation that we’ll have to fight in the next Congress. I’m not hopeful that the DOD isn’t going to be gutted like it was under the last Democratic President. I’m not hopeful that our CINC will stand by the tenets of American Exceptionalism and face down tyrants and evildoers abroad. I’m not confident that the proposed wealth redistribution isn’t going to create a majority of Americans who are on the dole and willing to vote for those who will provide their “Bread & Circuses” for them.

  4. […] few of you have done this, most notably a friend from high school (3rd comment). Whenever possible, I will respond to such comments and we’ll see where the discussion goes. […]

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