Posted by: Bill | November 7, 2008

Of No Excuses and Scalability

Anyone who has been subjected to me talking about education reform has probably heard me mention the Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP). KIPP and its charter school brethren are wildly successful at closing the achievement gap, among other things. For the time being, I will spare you additional accolades. A likely issue with KIPP is its scalability. They ask a lot of their staff and attrition is high.

In the most recent Education Gadfly, Steven Wilson is wondering if there is another way, one that might scale better than the so-called “No Excuses” schools.

Meanwhile, it’s clear my boss thinks about scalability too. “But wait!” you say. “You’re biased!” you say. Damn right I am. I am also not a journalist so get used to me shilling for ABCTE.


  1. KIPP founder Dave Levin on a recent Colbert Report

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