Posted by: Bill | November 7, 2008

To stretch or not to stretch

I have been running now with varying levels of dedication since 1999. During 2001, that level of dedication increased significantly and I entered the world of marathoners. I like this world and plan to stay here until my body revolts. I have never liked stretching though. I never saw the point. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in warming up and have been convinced by the really experienced runners I know that post-workout stretching has its merits. I especially believe in a few minutes of post-workout stretching when combined with ingesting water or sports drink as this can help to jumpstart recovery.

Evidence has been mounting that pre-workout stretching is not recommended. My good friends at the NYT now bring us a long writeup on the most recent study to free me from even contemplating this ever again.



  1. Can’t wait to do the scorpion the day of the Turkey Trot. Thank you also for providing me with this article, now I can cut out a full five minutes of apparantly useless stretching.

  2. Please have Troy film the scorpion. The next phase of my evil plan is to research during and post workout stretching and hopefully invalidate those too.

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