Posted by: Bill | November 11, 2008

More Progress

One of my favorite education related blogs is The Quick and the Ed. They like data there and are quick to note when a given piece of research may have methodological issues. My proclivities may also have something to do with Kevin Carey’s love of The Wire and their cool blogname.

In this post, Kevin points out that both the Boston Globe and Matthew Yglesias have taken note of a study that came out two and a half years ago. I remember being excited at the time because the Hamilton project a) mentioned Alexander Hamilton and b) came out of Brookings which, most of the time, could be thought of as a center-left think tank. To me, this was additional evidence that the education reform crowds on both sides of the aisle mostly see eye to eye.

More importantly, the data in this paper point to giving programs like ABCTE Certification a chance to bring more talent into classrooms from other professions. The “inputs” that are required by traditional certification programs (and, to be honest, most alternative programs) show no evidence of determining the quality of a given teacher. Here is a taste from Kevin’s post:

The conventional system for bringing teachers to classrooms relies on pre-service training and certification to ensure quality. Students are required to complete a state-approved training program, usually offered at a university, and then obtain state certification, which increasingly involves passing some kind of exam.
Tom Kane’s research shows that the training and certification model is near-worthless as a means of effectively guaranteeing or differentiating teacher effectiveness

Those pre-service requirements are time-consuming and expensive. ABCTE is one of the very (if you can find another for me, I would appreciate it) few programs that recruits teachers without costing them or taxpayers thousands of dollars and allows them to work toward certification while keeping their current job.

It’s also great to see Yglesias writing about this issue since he is formerly of the crew blogging at The Atlantic and he has about 1,000 times more readers than me.

I will now attempt to not write about ABCTE for a few days.



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  2. Here you go: IBM’s Transition to Teaching, which recruits teachers without costing them or the taxpayers thousands of dollars–and allows them to continue working at IBM until they certify and begin to teach.

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