Posted by: Bill | November 26, 2008

Reeking of Competence

I will preface this post by noting that I have not paid as much attention to Obama’s cabinet picks as I would like to.

Picking Rahm Emmanuel as Chief of Staff has mostly been greeted with nods of appreciation. His reputation is either amazing or scary depending on who you are talking to. Personally, I think he will spend more time beating back the fringe of his own party versus punishing Republicans. Thinking about even the possibility of this being true makes me smile. I think the appointment reeks of competence.

As for the other appointments, by most accounts he has stayed in the middle of the political spectrum. He has concentrated on his economic team which my retirement accounts appreciate. Even at age 81, the markets should always be happy to see Paul Volcker.

I am not so sure about Hilary as Secretary of State though. The history there just makes me uncomfortable. What are the odds she will be serving the interests of her boss and not her next campaign? I will not pretend to know. I will, however, leave you with the thoughts of Christopher Hitchens. I don’t think I’ve linked to anything of his on this blog yet, but be warned:  he is a gifted writer, he is not afraid to tear people to pieces (rhetorically of course), he is extremely well read and he, most definitely, does NOT like the Clintons.


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