Posted by: Bill | December 16, 2008

It is a Team of Ballers

Given the news that Obama has chosen Arne Duncan for Secretary of Education, perhaps David Leland was right with this post not long ago. Say what you will about how cabinet posts are distributed in U.S. politics, but this seems just as fair as, say…making sure you are surrounded by yes men and women or rewarding friends and colleagues from a past life. Low-post moves and the ability to sink 3-pointers are fine with me. I was a bit of a baller myself back in the day (Division I intramural team).




  1. Bill:

    3 things.
    1. I was going to ask what you thought of the Dept of Ed nominee, but I see you have already commented.
    2. What are your comments on the Steeler “TD” Sunday
    3. I didn’t know you and Larry Bird looked so much alike.

    See you soon

  2. One more;

    Check out today’s Borowitz Report Instead of the Yankees, he could back up Ben.

  3. […] of scholarships that they will no longer be receiving them. I am, by no means, giving up on the former Harvard basketball star, but I am deeply […]

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