Posted by: Bill | December 17, 2008

The Scariest Part of a Triathlon

For me personally, it is always the swim start. I think this is true for many triathletes. Once I am a few minutes into the swim and free of most of the chaos, it is usually smooth sailing from there. There are, of course, exceptions which I will save for future posts. On the lighter side, a friend who is thinking of training for his first sent the video below today. Fantastic.

I have not written much about training because I started blogging after the season was over. The wife and I got ourselves some much-needed rest for about six weeks, but are now mostly back on track. We ran the Blue and Gray Half-Marathon this past weekend. It was not warm, but it felt good. I will be spending the winter getting ready for the National Marathon in March.

For any of you who love endurance events (especially triathlon), enjoy the song below. For those considering your first triathlon, how can you not be inspired?


  1. my tires are pumped and so am I
    video sent from an abcte guy
    tried to sleep but tri song in head
    hope dork blogger wets his bed

  2. I get a little jealous of you for the time you have to stay fit and seriously pursue stuff like Half Marathons and Triathlons . . . but then I think about being 43 and retired, with one kid out of the house and two quickly to follow . . . and I realize that while I might not be free today, my day of freedom will come a lot sooner than for most!!

    ; )

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