Posted by: Bill | December 20, 2008

Kitchen and Bathroom, Part 1

Heather and I have been planning to do some work on our kitchen since we bought our home midway through 2005. By “do some work”, I mean rip everything out and replace it. Part of this plan was to put new fixtures in the bathroom and fix up the floor.

Here are a few before photos:





Note that the picture of the kitchen entrance above was taken after the frame was ripped off so it didn’t look quite this bad before work began.

Anyone who knows us is aware that we tend to take our time on these projects. We started thinking seriously about this in April or May. Picking everything out didn’t take as long as I had feared. Previous furniture shopping experiences had me regretting the fact that I did not bring several books or periodicals with me. We had two contractors referred to us as well. We were hoping to find a third and were fortunate enough to run into one while looking at cabinets at Lowe’s.

After a very methodical vetting and bidding process, we actually liked the gentleman we met at Lowe’s. And thus began our adventures with Drake Alexander Custom Interiors. Happily, the adventure was a successful one. After 1 day, the kitchen was completely gutted.



In order to avoid the need to store the tools above in our bedroom, Alex (owner of DACI) built this:


Overall, everything went quite well. There was the discovery of a leak accompanied by a fair amount of rotting wood, but that was the only real snag.



After dispatching the offending wood, Alex suggested that we use our plan of replacing the sliding glass door to modestly enlarge the kitchen by bumping the wall out 16 inches. This came with a demonstration of what the bumpout might look like.



5 weeks after demolition began, here is the finished product.





We love the results. Stay tuned for the equally riveting story of the bathroom renovations tomorrow.


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