Posted by: Bill | December 28, 2008

No More Sunday Ticket

Alas! Another NFL regular season has come to an end. I will miss the Sunday afternoons I spent with DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket. My wife will not. I know I know…we still have the playoffs and despite the close call today with Ben and the glaring problems with the Steelers offense, I am very much looking forward to them. This was quite enjoyable today as well. Nothing like rejoicing in the demise of yet another overhyped Dallas Cowboys squad.

Nothing really to report in the world at large. I confess I have been on vacation from more than work and have not paid much attention to the outside world. Such are the perks of not being very important. We spent the holidays enjoying the hospitality of Heather’s 2 brothers (and sister-in-law) in Columbus.

I’m boring you, you say? What news of the world at large do you bring, you say? Very well, here is Megan McCardle with some thoughts on the auto bailout. The post is a few days old now, but is an excellent overview of how the big 3 do business, their history and the issues they are facing right now.


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