Posted by: Bill | January 9, 2009

Fun Blog Discovery

For those who don’t spend as much time as me reviewing blogs, you probably don’t know that the Weblog Awards are going on right now. If you are a follower of one or more blogs, I would suggest you take a look around and vote as you see fit.

While casting my own votes, I found the Junkfood Science blog. In particular, the beginning of this post made me chuckle. The entire post is worth a skim as it eventually does talk about a recent study noting that most “detox” programs are just a bunch of marketing and don’t rely on any actual science/physiology. This obviously wasn’t a surprise.

I am always interested in learning more about what, if anything, all of the poisons I ingest/come in contact with are doing to me….which is why I think I will enjoy this blog a lot.


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