Posted by: Bill | January 15, 2009

ABCTE Press (plus a mini-rant)

January is traditionally (that is, if very young companies can have traditions) our biggest promotion of the year here at ABCTE. Here is some press coverage of one of our events in Springfield, MO. As a bonus, you even get footage of three of my co-workers (Bonnie, Mike and Ono).

As I watch the video, I was thinking “Wow, this TV station is really impressing me with their coverage”. They did a good job of exploring the issue in their state, getting opinions from different interest groups and conducting several interviews. Then they had to go and throw in this gem at the end:

Critics of the program say people who are looking at this as a career changer could be in for a harsh reality.  Certifiers say principals they’ve talked with across the state will not hire these newly certified teachers.

<begin rant>Really? You put together a well-researched, balanced story and then you start quoting people known only as “critics” and “certifiers” who, via either hearsay or untruth, have talked to principals “across the state” who will not be hiring our teachers. You don’t try to verify a quote like that from an actual principal? Really?<end rant>


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