Posted by: Bill | January 30, 2009

Good and Bad News

Our sitting president’s 2nd favorite team is the Steelers. On the other hand, apparently Rush Limbaugh is also a Steeler fan. At least these two can agree on what will happen on Sunday.

As for my own predictions, I really think we are going to win. I don’t think the game is going to be close.

My thoughts, of course, do not matter. If we don’t execute or lose the turnover battle, it will be a whole different story. We dominated the Ravens two weeks ago and the score was still way too close for comfort. Three years ago, we were up 14-3 in the 3rd quarter, Ben had a wide open receiver in the endzone and proceeded to throw it directly to a Seattle player with nothing but open space in front of him. Even a half-decent throw turns that game into a blowout. My point here is that the Steelers like to make me sweat. While we should win by a lot, this will probably be a close game and I will rely on my wife to keep me from drinking too much, a luxury I did not have in 2006 as I nervously watched the game at a conference in Orlando with some college friends.

Here is the bad news. From Bill Simmons’ column before the conference championships:

This e-mail from Richard in Islamabad, Pakistan, arrived Saturday…I just read a story where Kurt Warner was talking about his kids and said, ‘My wife (Brenda) kind of put words in my mouth and told them if we won the Super Bowl, they could get a puppy.’ YOU CANNOT BET AGAINST GOD AND PUPPIES. After I read the last story I put everything on the Cards. I wish I could have told you sooner but I’m in Pakistan and things move a lot slower here … WE LOVE YOU OVER HERE.”

The lesson, as always: I am HUGE in Pakistan. At least until I start making cricket picks. But let’s talk about the Puppy Theory. We know it worked with Obama. We’re one more Arizona victory away from it working with Warner. Could one of my legion of Pakistani diehards be onto something here? Could the NFC pick really be as simple as “Don’t bet against God and puppies”?

We can withstand God and puppies, especially given the evidence that God is a Steeler fan.

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