Posted by: Bill | February 13, 2009

Bad Flashback

Sorry, but the combination of the Iridium satellite collision and my work week has created a maelstrom of nostalgia that cannot be impeded at this time. Heather and I both had late nights on Wednesday in the office. Neither was planned and we both ended up neglecting to eat dinner. This led to me picking her up at the office around 10:15 PM with no plan for eating and both of us wanting something fast as we were starving. You can imagine that McDonald’s was our answer as they are open at that time and it’s difficult not to find one if you try.

This led to my flashback, circa 1998. Late nights during those days were routine for me. For weeks and months at a time, leaving the office (in Reston, VA) before 8 was rare and the average was around 9:00 PM followed by a 35 mile drive home (that debacle is another story). I was not much of a cook back then, nor did I think about eating healthy. This led to the scenario above repeating itself a couple times a week. I know you’ll then be shocked to learn that my weight was in the neighborhood of 210 lbs by the middle of 1999. I am glad those days are gone. I will rate this post in the bad nostalgia category whereas the previous was much more positive.

My only defense of ingesting so much McDonald’s is below:


My apartment at the time is the green arrow (right off Route 1 in Laurel, MD in case you are wondering). All of those letters are nearby McDonald’s. A and B knew me well. I count at least 8 in a 2.5 mile radius. The odds were against me.


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