Posted by: Bill | March 17, 2009

In which I praise the Daily Kos

You have heard me talk about balance in the past and how I try really hard to obtain it by reviewing news sources that generally make me cringe and sometimes make me want to yell (I know, “yelling” and “bill” are not often in the same sentence with me, but it’s true).

Anyhow, one of those sources is the Daily Kos. Here is a post I completely agree with. I am glad to see that Kos is putting his formidable community to work to help police his own party. The Republicans did indeed fail miserably at this and, sadly, the Democrats thus far are following in their footsteps. For examples, see Murtha, Rangel, Waters and especially Dodd. They still have time though to actually rectify the issues with those four as well as any of the other offenders I might have missed. I hope they do.

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