Posted by: Bill | March 23, 2009

Irony, coincidence, annoyance

A couple months ago, we were experiencing a voltage issue in our house. This was a first for me to see lights that would go on, but only halfway. Our friends at Dominion came out promptly after I called which made me pretty happy considering how cold it was and that it was Sunday. I was told there was a “fault in the line somewhere” and they needed to search for it. This sounded to me like I was going to have to put on a few extra layers. Happily though, he had a workaround for us until they found the fault. He rigged up some type of contraption to restore power while they hunted for the next 1.5 days.

On Tuesday, we came home from work to a bunch of flags in our yard, some paint on the grass and evidence a backhoe had visited. We don’t exactly have the greenest yard, but now we had several square feet of dirt and rocks. Verizon did something similar in 2005 when they were laying fiber in our neighborhood. I didn’t complain about that because I wanted the fiber to come to the house. They also threw down some grasseed on their way out which was thoughtful. I didn’t complain about the backhoe either because power was more important than grass.

Fast forward to this past weekend and I am hobbling around in the yard exercising my non-green thumb to prep the ground for some new grass. It’s been a couple months, right? They’re not coming back, right? I arrive home from work tonight about 7:30 in order to see if the new seed needs water and what do I find? The flags are back; an ominous sign that the backhoe may return. Sigh. I didn’t complain before, but a heads up would have been nice, Dominion! Phone call forthcoming.


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