Posted by: Bill | March 24, 2009


Heather and I have been waiting for Eventide to open in Clarendon for about 2 years. We pretend to be foodies from time to time, but we usually do not know about restaurants before they actually open. We were fortunate enough to be guests at a birthday dinner for a friend prepared by two of Eventide’s proprietors. The 9? course meal was tremendous so we have been waiting since November 2007 for the restaurant to open. We could walk there on a nice day and Clarendon’s other offerings are okay at best.

The day finally came a few weeks ago and our friends who have been have not been disappointed. We had brunch there on Sunday and we were also impressed. A few things struck me right off the bat:

  1. Bar is causal, spacious and occupies the first floor
  2. Dining area upstairs has high ceilings, plenty of space between tables and very comfy chairs/booths. I don’t usually notice how restaurants are decorated, but I noticed on Sunday because I liked it so much
  3. Excellent French toast – I am a bit of a connoisseur
  4. Surprisingly economical brunch – 2 meals, an OJ and a Mimosa for about $30 before tip.

We are looking forward to returning for dinner. I checked out what the Post had to say and then reviewed the official site tonight and discovered more proof that they designed this place for me (emphasis mine):

In our bar & lounge area, we are making a very conscious effort to keep Eventide as comfortable for our guests as possible. As a consequence, we strictly adhere to the occupancy limit set forth by Arlington County, so that frankly, we aren’t another spot in Clarendon that packs people into the bar like sheep!

At times (especially on Friday and Saturday nights), this may cause us to stop entry into the lounge for newly arriving guests until guests in the bar either leave the premises or go upstairs to the dining room for their dinner reservation. We hope that you understand that we want our guests in the bar to be able to carry on conversations without yelling and to be able to walk or stand without bumping & pushing into others.

I will try to stop gushing now. This could prove problematic if you want to visit and its crowded. In that case, we will have to learn from Snoop and Chris to “get there early” (relatively obscure quote from The Wire).

Here is some video from the Washingtonian about what others have thought of Eventide. More to come when we go for dinner, hopefully soon.



  1. Enjoy it while you can, old boy . . . or never have kids!!

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