Posted by: Bill | April 8, 2009

Chef Bill 2008

When people get married, we all know there are many gifts involved. Not long before Heather and I made things official, I learned that the bride and groom often exchange gifts as well. I decided to try to be creative and rather than buy something, one of my gifts was “I will cook dinner one week out of the year”.

Heather assigned herself as primary chef long before we were even engaged and I did not object at all as she is quite talented. I understood well this meant dishes for life for me, but again, no objections there. She puts a lot of time in it to do her best so that no ingredients are left behind and that meals are planned from week to week. There is a library of cookbooks and recipes throughout the house for her to draw from that grows annually. Sundays involve her poring over them to determine what will be happening that week.

During my one week a year with this task, I try to duplicate her methods by going about things in a similar fashion (minus the inventory ingredient part). The title of this post says 2008 because, yes, I am running several months behind. I know to allot double the amount of time that she takes. Once a year always leaves me rusty. After my experience this past Sunday, I am considering upping my pledge to twice a year. I will likely regret this, but now that this is posted, it is public and I will keep my commitment.

The reason for this post is that I am confident some comedy will result. Getting the ingredients alone was comical (to me and Heather at least) as I was at the store for over an hour making sure I had everything and multiple text messages were exchanged with the homestead.

Monday’s meal was an Italian soup featuring turkey sausage and escarole. I am generally a good rule follower which works well when following a recipe. However, I have difficulty following rules that make no sense to me. I applied this personality trait to the recipe when I didn’t believe it included enough pasta (I added about 2.5 times what it called for and I also increased the tomato and sausage portions). I suspected this would lead to a dearth of broth, but then forgot to add more. Happily, the soup was tasty, but the bowl was crowded with everything but broth.

I have decided to keep track of the number of times per meal I asked for advice or help. For Monday, the advice count was 6 including 2 demonstrations. I had Tuesday off because she had a work dinner. Tonight, there will be pesto-crusted chicken, roasted potatoes and a red leaf lettuce salad with grapes and pecans.

The experience is always a good one for fully appreciating the work your spouse is putting in. I am thinking (if ye readers are not too bored) that the household division of labor might deserve its own post. We discussed the possibility of her doing the laundry for a week to experience the same thing. I will need to think on this as we have differing standards regarding wrinkles. Perhaps I will suggest she mow the lawn instead. That would be comical.



  1. don’t do the laundry heather! it’s a trap! 😉

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