Posted by: Bill | April 12, 2009

Chef Bill – part 2

Wednesday’s dinner went pretty well. Roasted potato rounds were very tasty. While they were roasting, I prepared the chicken (a 5 year old could have done this part). However, I did not trust my instincts on how long to put it in the oven. The recipe suggested 15-20 minutes which did not sound like nearly enough to me. I decided to trust it after being wrong Monday night. The potatoes and salad (red leaf lettuce with toasted pecans, bleu cheese, and grapes) were ready on time and quite tasty, but we had plenty of time to eat those while the chicken finished cooking. I was not a huge fan of the pesto-crusted chicken though. The chicken from our local grocery store tends to be quite thick which was part of the problem. I only sought Heather’s advice one time, via text message, and she was unable to answer so I think this only counts as 1/2.

Tonight was my last meal. Both components (a salad and sweet potato soup) were brought to us by Donna Hay’s The New Cook. I will start off by noting that I did not allow enough time for both components. I started with the salad (baby spinach, asparagus, prosciutto, tomatoes) which needed 25 minutes to roast the tomatoes and prosciutto. Advice and confirmation happened twice for this part. Heather and I agreed the salad was fantastic and, I think, nice to look at.


At this point though, it was late so we ate the salad and made the sweet potato soup together. By together, I mean I acted as sous chef to move things along as fast as possible. Happily, we sat down to eat the soup at 9:00 PM and it too, was very good.

Tomorrow morning, we will negotiate on who gets to take what for lunch. It will be a tough call for me. Overall, I was happy with the recipe choices for the week, but circumstances definitely interfered with the execution. I am actually looking forward to the next time I do this.

In case you missed part 1, here it is.



  1. Bill,

    I think this is a great idea. I might bring it up to Troy to see if maybe he would consider cooking once a month (not steak and potatoes though!)

    Let me know if you come across any good recipes you want to share, I am always looking for new things.

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