Posted by: Bill | April 13, 2009

Balance can be hard to maintain…

Any reader of this blog can probably figure out that I tend to run center-right on many an issue. I have written before regarding how I try to digest what is produced on both sides of the political spectrum, including what I consider the fringe (here or here). This post is a bit of a vent in that sometimes it can be really hard to do this. I continue to read Paul Krugman’s columns when they often just make me angry. I’m sure this guy is smarter than me when it comes to raw brain power according to all the awards he won back in the day including the Clark medal (same one that the Freakonomics author Levitt won).

I understand that he is liberal and I’m okay with that. But his latest column is just ad hominem babbling against Republicans. I wish he had taken his own advice when, in the first line, he says “This is a column about Republicans — and I’m not sure I should even be writing it.”

Even a small amount of fact-finding (say…a Google search) would show him that the Tea Parties are nothing close to the “Astroturf” he labels them. As for the charge that these events are “manufactured by the usual suspects”, that is what happens in any grass roots movement. That is what organizations like ACORN live for. Facebook and social networking will only take a movement so far. I haven’t spent enough time looking for the origin of the Tea Parties, but I might spend some time look at that in the near future. To date, major news outlets (with the exception of Fox News of course) have mostly refrained from reporting on them.

Most of the time, I can fight back the anger that Krugman inspires in me, but today it was too hard since his column was basically a rant. It appears I have responded with an almost rant.


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