Posted by: Bill | April 15, 2009

Tea Party background

Today is tax day and it is also Tea Party day. I posted a little bit about this the other day. Since then, I did a little bit of research on the origin of these tea parties and also received a robocall letting me know of the local tea party (at the US Treasury). Word of warning that Michelle Malkin does not mince words. I am not inclined to agree with most of what she writes, but she was intimately involved in the beginning of these gatherings and tells the story well. She may spin things and state her opinion strongly, but she is not dishonest. Mr. Krugman’s silly intimation that this movement is Astroturf is belied by the facts.

I don’t have much to add about the Tea Parties themselves. I am, right now, watching with interest. I think that the label “Tea Party” is interesting, but not quite applicable. Taxation without representation is not the issue. Tea Party is sticky and invokes an event that most Americans remember from grade school so it isn’t surprising that it stuck. The issue is debt, deficit, bailouts, etc.

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