Posted by: Bill | April 16, 2009

CNN should be embarassed…

…by this woman who no doubt considers herself a journalist. I am not talking about the anchor. Watch how Susan Roesgen treats the people attending the Tea Party. She is condescending the entire time and repeatedly interrupts the people she is interviewing and has a very clear agenda of what she wants to represent. This, we have come to expect from this poor excuse for a network. Note how she repeats that the Tea Parties were organized “three different conservative groups”. Her tone is enough to embarrass her and the network, but it gets better.

I want to call particular attention to what others have noticed as well. She is going after the person holding the sign portraying Obama as Hitler and labeling the President a fascist. She calls it offensive and repeats her question several times. Admittedly, the demonstrator did not exactly have an eloquent response, but that is not my point. The issue is her hypocrisy. A couple years back, she had no issue with a Bush “lookalike” portrayed as both Hitler and the devil.

This video puts both broadcasts in the same clip.


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