Posted by: Bill | April 20, 2009

A gain for the NYT

After the debacle of allowing William Kristol to write an OpEd column for several months, my best friend the NYT has stolen Ross Douthat away from The Atlantic Monthly. At the time Kristol was hired, I suspected the Times had done this just to make conservatives look dumb. See! Look? We gave one of your boys a voice and he embarassed himself every week. Perhaps not, though.

Regardless, they have upgraded with Ross. I believe he was at Harvard the same time as my brother-in-law, but thus far he has not been able to provide any good stories. Below is an excerpt from Ross’s last blogpost as one of the Atlantic’s voices. Read the whole thing if you can as he does an excellent job of describing why I look forward to reading this magazine every month.

James Bennet and everyone around him are trying to do the same thing that Michael Kelly tried to do, and William Whitworth before him, and so on all the way back to the bearded eminences of 1850s: Produce a magazine about ideas that isn’t ideological; a magazine about politics that isn’t partisan; a magazine about culture that isn’t boosterish or snobbish; and a magazine that reports the hell out of the biggest stories in the world.

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