Posted by: Bill | April 20, 2009

Food for thought on health care

I have yet to devote sufficient time to educate myself on many of the issues surrounding the threat of government run health care, its rising costs in general, the “millions” of uninsured and the moral implications thereof in a rich nation.

Megan McCardle has a good post on the culture surrounding health care in the US. I know that if someone I cared about got sick, I would tap into my entire network and scour the internet evaluating every option available. I know of at least one person who got lucky by stumbling upon a clinical trial for a cancer treatment that has extended his life. The transparency that comes with our democracy is going to make this nearly impossible for a bureaucracy to make these choices without incredible political backlash. Think about how we all feel about our current private health care providers. Now add electoral politics to what you are feeling.

I am sure this is much I have not considered. I am positive that there is no easy answer though.



  1. Bill:

    John C. Goodman(Pres, National Center for Policy Analysis) gave a speech about health Care at hillsdale College( on Feb 18,09.

    He showed some very sobering stats about what Health care will cost now that we “boomers” are starting to retire.

    If properly funded, Social Security would need $100 trillion above current projected revenues (6.5x our total economy). Medicare’s unfunded obligations are 6 times larger than Social Security.

    By 2012 Social Security and medicare will need 1 in every $10 tax dollars just to fund their combined deficits. By 2030 (mid point of the boomer retirement wave) this grows to 1 of every$2 tax dollars.

    Scary thoughts.

  2. Sorry about the double entry. I was fixing typos.

    PS To read the speech mentioned, click the “Imprimis” box at the bottom of the web page.

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