Posted by: Bill | April 23, 2009

Team is assembled

I am sitting outside Union Station (for the 2nd time today) right now waiting for our last teammate to arrive from NYC. Please excuse any typos over the next 36 hours as I will be writing most of this on the iPhone.

It’s been a busy day but everyone made it here. Two of our Seattle teammates (Shannon and cathy) missed their flight this morning at six but somehow were able to get one at 7:30. That is a good omen along with the prediction of sunny skies.

Mike is nursing a sprained ankle from a soccer mishap recently but we are confident he will be able to contribute his 14 miles. To be safe, I will be picking up some cortisone on the way home and will have other painkillers available as needed including bourbon.

As many of you know one of the main reasons I train is for the eating rewards. Today was one of those days that makes all the pain and early mornings worthwhile. Breakfast at the pancake house, lunch at Elevation Burger and a tasty pasta dinner at home. Some pictures are below. I ate lunch too quick and forgot to get a photo.



  1. water? that’s just empty filler with no calories.

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