Posted by: buggychasers | April 24, 2009

Neel off the course

Neel was the first member of the team to get off course. Unclear what happened but apparently he took a left at a right hand turn and ran a quarter mile before another team got him back on track. We’re looking for a an official ruling on whether he gets to record two “kills” for passing the same woman who managed to stay on course.

For the record, Lara just recorded the first navigational error.


  1. daddy, you got lost? 🙂 that’s kind of funny.

  2. absolutely 2 kills, since this person never re-passed him. He also gets to mark two notches in his arm.

  3. Do these races ever start off without someone thinking you are going the wrong way? What did Bill pore over his iphone for for days if not to prevent this!

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