Posted by: buggychasers | April 24, 2009

Neel on the course

Neel is banging along on leg 5. We’re a little concerned that he may get passed by a member of the fairer sex who was gaining on him. Lara is back in the van after a hot, long run. Shawn is up next and dreading a significant hill during his leg.

The heat and wind have proven to be more of an issue than anticipated as winter training has not conditioned the group to such warm weather.

It’s a beautiful day in the rolling, PA countryside. The grass is green and the flowers and trees are in bloom. We have yet to see any German POWs.

We’ve had no navigational mishaps but it’s important to note an incident from leg one. I was navigating and Lara was driving. Within 30 seconds of departing the parking lot, there were shouts and protests that we were off course. We were not but I appreciated the votes of confidence.



  1. So glad there are no POWs lurking – but weren’t you happy to be prepared for the eventuality? Glad to have useful knowledge.

  2. go, daddy! (but i’m sorry you went the wrong way!) i love you & i miss you!

    • I did go the wrong way. Going the wrong way is my official signature move! Wish you guys were here!!!

  3. Make sure you point out the place where the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

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