Posted by: Bill | April 24, 2009

Van 2 on the course

Heather is done with her rolling 5 miles and I just finished my straight up and then straight down 5 miles. As is my relay tradition, I will complain about course measurement. By now I should be ready for it, but I was not.

The first 2 miles were straight up and I motivated myself with a reminder that Shawn had to do the same plus one mile. The last 3 miles were a steep downhill. I was sure at any moment I could trip and just roll end over end the rest of the way cartoon style. It’s clear I overestimated my ability to conquer the early hill. The question remains: how bad did I shred my quads?

Shannon is out there now…



  1. Good luck Hila, you start your first run soon!!!

  2. Hila why aren’t you wearing a hat the other girls are. make sure you don’t get a farmer tan not good for the wedding dress 🙂 good luck , HAT tomorrow luv u

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