Posted by: buggychasers | April 24, 2009

Van 2 post (by Shannon)

Morning started off right. Giao and Lara in the kitchen, Starbucks run en route, t-shirts show up and Neel is already 5 bagels in. We load the vans, decorate the Sofa King Fast van art everywhere in a rainbow of colors and head on the road to victory.

Leg 1 – Team pictures, stretches, Gatorade, chocolate, pretzels and iPod downloads blasting through the vans.

Van 2. Fully Loaded – Hila somehow has an iPhone glued to her ear – first call mom, next call rehearsal dinner, then moving on to Booz (Allen Hamilton) conversations. Assaf – the driver has volunteered his playlist so far consisting of Prince, Michael Jackson, Rap melodies and other stimulating concoctions. Cathy has remained silent and docile thus far – far from what she really has to offer on a long 24 race together…only in time Cathy… Two words for Heather: “Power Ponytails”. Bill….just being Bill, navigating, tour guide, mapping, instructing, counseling…

Memorable Leg 1 comment: “Does anyone ever get hurt on the road or in this race?” Answer from Bill: “oh I am sure there are people hurt, but no one would want to post it or ever report it…..”

Assaf’s Haiku:

Running like the wind
Through civil war battlefields
Don’t’ get hit by cars

Hila commented: “Next time make it rhyme…don’t you want a challenge?”


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