Posted by: Bill | April 25, 2009

Planes, trains automobiles…

…and ferrys. We used our good friend Google maps to get us from Sharpshurg to our next major TA. The next thing we knew we were in VA wondering how we were getting back to the MD side of the Potomac. Do not fear! For $4, your vehicle may be ferried across. This brought us to our current location which is the slab of concrete seen below that we like to call “the bedroom”.

Stay tuned for more on van 2s travels through the Antietam battlefield as well as the sunbaked legs in our future.



  1. Ferry better than swinning I am sure.
    All downstream along the Patomic!

  2. Assaf the cocoon look really suits you and looks very conducive for a good nights rest. Don’t forget to break for any good yardsales I am looking forward to some momentos of the road.

  3. Anxiously awaiting a final message indication completion. Did Lara ever mount a successful coup?

    • No coup. We’re back in VA showering then heading back to the finish line.

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