Posted by: buggychasers | April 25, 2009

Tardy Van 2 post (by Shannon)

Notable Pet Peeves thus far:

1. Driving on the road and passing vans with ALL doors open, making it very challenging to pass thus vans…..oh and they didn’t pull over to the side of the road either. Very annoying.
2. Headphones that are bigger than your head. How can that be comfortable?
3. Mr. Ironman – no hair on his legs, an ironman tattoo on his calf and a personality of a overmedicated steroid bear. Oh yes….and if a woman passes you, he notably tells you that you have been “Chicked”.
4. One porta potty per exchange. WTF? Seriously? How can you feel comfortable dropping the kids off at the pool when you know that there is someone waiting for you outside? Cathy told me that if I waited in line and she stood behind me when I went in, she would cover the length of time I was in there for me….that’s a true friend. Sometimes namely a wing woman – I’ll call her my S#$% woman.

We start to get passed like gazelles in heat whose one single stride would take me 14 strides to match.

Shannon’s Leg: Side ache the whole time….swallowed 3 bugs, yet still a little hungry. Ran off the road by cars at least 3 times and end up at a Lowe’s parking lot where my trusty teammates are waiting anxiously for me with a Miller Light. Heather and Bill head straight towards the local ice cream truck. Awesome.

Our van is very scary. I can’t see the floor; I have no idea what I am stepping on and it has a funny smell. Who spilled beer on my camera? I have had to drop the kids off at the pool for at least 5 hours; have I mentioned that already?

As we enter into the town of Leg 12 we passed a local eatery named Redneck Ribs…it doesn’t get any better than that.


  1. Thanks for doing the blog during the race. They were so good. Any chance you will do a “final” or summary page?

  2. I should have a wrapup up tomorrow at some point that will include more photos.

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