Posted by: Bill | May 3, 2009

Government Performance Management

This would be excellent if it came to pass in some form. When the day comes that my boss kicks me to the curb, the non-cynical me would definitely consider government service. However, the anecdotes always scare me and not just in education.

Here is where things stand today:

The government has no strategy for identifying the talent it will need. Its hiring process is a ghastly and, to most young people, incomprehensible swamp. It fails to invest in the development of the people it does hire. And it does not measure or reward managers for how well they deal with those who work for them. “There are tons of people excited,” Stier says, but as things stand “there is no way in hell the right people will get into government.”

The article also states that “”No knowledge organization can let HR own talent,” Stier says; the executives in each organization have to take charge. But political appointees spend an average of 18 to 24 months in any given job; they want to get something done on their watch, not fix the culture for the long term.”

I agree with this completely which is why Hiatt says this has to come from the top. Maybe a non-ambitious, but driven and competent agency head could accomplish such a goal, but that would be just one agency. It will be interesting to see what Obama can do here (if anything is even attempted) and the what happens after four, or more likely, eight years.

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