Posted by: Bill | May 7, 2009

On Oprah

Anyone who has ever mentioned Miss Winfrey in my presence can usually detect my face changing in a negative fashion. Some of them ask what’s wrong and in the past I haven’t had a very good answer prepared. Generally speaking, I tend to forget that her bottom line is ratings and she is an entertainer. I get frustrated because she has such enormous pull with (I believe) millions of very devoted viewers and she does not take advantage of it. To be fair, she uses her vast wealth in many positive ways. Beyond that school in Africa, I don’t know what they are, but I’m confident on this point.

Happily, stories like this are helping me build on my arsenal of anecdotes. Readers here are used to me qualifying many of my statements, avoiding strong language and generally being a rhetorical wuss. This is because I’m really not that bright and most of my attempts to predict the future do not come true. That being said, I feel strongly that Jenny McCarthy is an idiot and, in fact, dangerous.

I question Oprah’s judgment in giving Miss McCarthy any additional exposure (more on the vaccine-autism non-link here).



  1. […] note that the article I link to has zero citations of any kind. I am posting because I have strong feelings on this topic and I picked up a few new details while reading it. The conspiracy theory behind the […]

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