Posted by: Bill | May 8, 2009

Schools are to benefit adults, not children – Part 6,734…

…is brought to you by the Detroit Federation of Teachers. I shouldn’t be surprised, but it was pretty early in the day when I read this. I rubbed my eyes, left my office to get some coffee (ok, not really), came back and the text on my screen had not changed.

The union representing Detroit’s teachers is gearing up to strike should a proposed program that includes merit pay and changes to the privileges that come with seniority come to pass. They are quoted as noting that “Seniority is sacred.” Ok, we get you feel strongly about this.

This same union has recently notified 70 teachers that they will be terminated for not paying their union dues. All of a sudden, seniority doesn’t matter anymore when the union isn’t getting paid. Perhaps some of these teachers are good at their job, but, as far as unions are concerned, that was never important.


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