Posted by: Bill | May 11, 2009

Late Mother’s Day post

Happy Mother’s Day to current and prospective mothers. I am 96% sure that my mother doesn’t ever read this blog, but I will give her a shout out anyhow. I believe that Mrs. B is a reader though so I will say Happy Mother’s Day to her with some confidence she will actually get the message. Would have posted this yesterday, but the interwebs were absent in our house this weekend due to a deceased router.

Heather’s aunt was in town so we used that as a good excuse to return to Eventide for brunch. We were happy they were able to squeeze us in at 2:00 since that is when they normally close on Sunday’s. No disappointment at all. I had run the Pacer’s running festival half-marathon that morning so was ready to fully exercise my license to eat. This led to perfectly-cooked bacon, tasty potato hash and amazing brioche french toast with a few carmelized banana slices on top. The meal ended with a pretty good glass of tawny port. Heather and her aunt thoroughly enjoyed their meals as well.

I forgot to post about our 2nd visit there for dinner a few weeks ago. It’s hard to type this, but the meal wasn’t our favorite. It started well enough in that there were several things I wanted to order on the menu which is always a good sign. However, the execution on most of the dishes we ordered was not great. We still love the place and it’s only a few months old so will no doubt return.

The half-marathon was…interesting. It was well-organized, but the course consisted of running back and forth on two different highways with a short stopover to run up a steep hill and look at the U.S. Air Force Memorial up close. Happily, the weather was perfect and I had several friends to both run with and constantly wave to as we passed each other 9 different times at the various turnarounds. I may have somehow injured my big toe though. It hurt during mile 2, the pain went away and then returned with a vengence at mile 13. This isn’t good timing for an injury as it’s time for me to remember how to swim and get ready for a few upcoming tris. A case of Shaq toe would be very annoying.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this Mother’s Day post somehow focused on food almost the entire time. In my defense, our respective mothers are in Arizona and Florida.


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