Posted by: Bill | May 20, 2009

Charts and Maps

The Atlantic has added a new blog that they call correspondents. I don’t have the capacity to keep up with them because they are spewing so much content, but I did catch a bunch of charts and maps recently.

This one is a little depressing, especially if you have been in the workforce for a long time and investing in the stock market.

The next one defines a positive relationship between the size of a country’s “creative class” and GDP and productivity. I have no idea what is behind the data and methods here, but it’s pretty intuitive once you look at the definition of creative class as defined by a smart guy who appears to be making a lot of money from it. If this is accurate, ABCTE is on the right track by working to strengthen the teaching profession.

The 3rd is an interactive map to see where stimulus transportation dollars are heading. I am disappointed that there is no data for Virginia as there are potholes in the Penrose neighborhood in Arlington I am concerned about.


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