Posted by: Bill | May 28, 2009

Health care and climate

No, I am not trying to connect these two topics. However, I am going to link to two posts from Marginal Revolution that I found interesting. Both are relatively short and worth reading.

The first is a wrap-up of a discussion over at The Altantic on the Waxman-Markey cap and trade sham of a bill. While the previous sentence obviously reveals my own feelings about it (I prefer a carbon tax, if anything), the wrap-up reveals what many already know:  the bill is a mess, a waste of everyone’s time, won’t really help the bottom line in terms of global temperature, and might not pass anyway. In other words, it’s a lot like most of what Congress engages in.

Second is a post on the relative value of health care. It links to an article from the New Yorker that I have printed and pledge to read sometime in the next….oooo…month or so. If the New Yorker keeps producing articles that I enjoy, I may have to retract the derogatory labels I have previously attached to it.


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