Posted by: Bill | May 29, 2009

Newspapers as casualty

This thought has occurred to me in the past. I’m telling the truth. Sometimes I have ideas that don’t originate on someone else’s blog. I often laugh at online advertisers as it’s so rare that I click on any of their ads. The one Facebook ad I clicked on was a mistake. While some advertisers are clearly better at it than others, I have always worried about it since it represents such a huge revenue stream that supports a lot of the innovation that has happened on the Internet.

This post from James Fallows posits that perhaps the newspaper industry was in trouble due to the decline of advertising on the whole. Yes, they messed up by not creating their own Craigslist years ago, but perhaps that mistake just sped a demise that was coming anyway.

Who knows if advertising is truly going down that road, but it makes for an interesting thought experiment.


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