Posted by: Bill | June 15, 2009


It is not often that I am speechless. This usually happens when I am very angry and do not wish to offend or say something I regret. Another possibility is that whatever might come out of my mouth would be very cynical. Both of these were true a few hours ago when I first read this.

Skilled professionals in math, science and other fields could bring their real-world knowledge and experience into Pennsylvania’s classrooms under a proposal by Governor Edward G. Rendell that will boost student achievement, address teacher shortages and better prepare the state’s future workforce for high-demand science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, fields.

I have since recovered my tongue and will now explain. We were accepted in PA in 2002 for a few subject areas (Math, Elementary Ed, English). Since that time, we have added 8 more certification areas. We have attempted to engage the state regarding adding the Sciences (Physics, Chem, Bio, etc.) to what is accepted for about 4 years. This has been a slow process to be kind. Mostly, we have been ignored. Granted, the state certification office has every right to ignore us.

However, why would you go and create a certification route that is identical to ABCTE and that targets Math and Science career-changers? This will cost you money and take time to develop. It also will not have great assessments behind it validating the knowledge of these potential teachers. You could have been getting these candidates 4 years ago. I am back to speechless now.


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