Posted by: Bill | June 22, 2009

The birth of alternative certification?

It could be. I am headed to the library now to pour over the boxes of microfiche to try to find an earlier reference/suggestion that New Jersey should consider such an approach…..on second thought, I am hungry. I am going to go have dinner instead.

Here is an excerpt from a letter that is an excerpt from the post I linked above:

Providing actual school practice is the easy part; producing broadly educated and intelligent young men and women is the hard part. But we already have these young men and women. Instead of using the bureaucracy to keep them out of our public schools, shouldn’t we find some way to let them in?

He was likely not the first to make this connection, but New Jersey was most definitely the first state to go down the road to loosening their certification regulations. I would have loved to be in those conference rooms when this was discussed, but I was busy solving differential equations as a seven year old…or at least learning basic math.


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