Posted by: Bill | July 6, 2009

Been saying this for years

I’m sure I’m not the only one either. NPR gives us 10 reasons why Body Mass Index is a flawed measurement for weight. I learned a few things in the article as well. I had no idea that BMI was so old (200 years). My rants over the past few years have been more along the lines that BMI penalizes the “big-boned” and those with lots of muscle.

According to this scale, I have spent a good portion of my post-college years overweight. This never really made any sense, hence a fair number of rants.

Sorry for not blogging so much lately. I know all of you rise every morning and sprint to your computers to see if new and interesting things have been posted.

Lots of training recently (working toward my first half-ironman in September), a BBQ near my birthday that involved a great deal of cornhole (by far my favorite yardgame) and a short vacation at the Loyalsock Rod and Gun Club in NE PA have kept Heather and I quite busy. I am not much of a fishermen and should not be allowed to handle firearms unsupervised. However, the “cabin” as we like to call it has many other things to offer. It also deserves its own post because it’s one of Heather and my favorite places on earth.

I have much more to report, but must get to sleep as the track will come calling at 5:30 tomorrow morning.


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