Posted by: Bill | July 6, 2009

Tardy on July 4th post

I am a little mad at myself for not posting on the 4th of July either since it means so much to me. Heather and I spent the afternoon with some friends at a BBQ with (shockingly) more cornhole.

Perhaps I will postpone those thoughts for August 2nd, the day that the Declaration of Independence was actually signed. For the record, the Continental Congress voted for independence on July 2nd and accepted the Declaration in the form we know it today on July 4th. The signing itself was a formality and took place a few weeks later. I will try to come up with something profound between now and then…perhaps a Haiku.

What always gets me is that we often overlook that the Continental Congress was committing treason and risking their lives by adopting the Declaration. Since we emerged as victors in the American Revolution, we just assume we were in the right. The line at the end is not there to add drama. The signers were literally pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. Sure, they were a bunch of rich white guys, most of whom owned slaves. They weren’t going to be near any battlefields, but all of them would have been given the noose had the war gone the other way. They had incredible vision and large b$11s.

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