Posted by: Bill | July 6, 2009

That time of year

It’s that fantastic time of year when the Tour de France offers a three week hiatus from the lack of sports during the summer (unless you are a baseball fan). It leads perfectly into August in which all thoughts turn to the NFL.

Lance is back! He evokes strong emotions one way or the other from most fans of the sport, but I personally am happy to see him back. I have no idea if he has it in him to win. I think his team is completely stacked and if one of them doesn’t win, it will be due to issues balancing the egos and not from lack of talent.  He pulled a smooth move today and launched himself from 10th overall to 3rd. He admitted that it was a combination of experience and luck to get him there while also clearly reminding everyone that he has won the Tour 7 times.

I am psyched for the team time trial tomorrow. I missed it the last few years. I missed Lance too. Last year was nice because there were fewer doping issues, but generally pretty boring. The year before was better, but overshadowed by all of the doping.

The difficult part of tomorrow will be not (purposely or accidentally) seeing who won before getting home and plowing through 3-4 hours on the DVR as fast as possible.


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