Posted by: Bill | July 7, 2009

Amen, I believe, Amen

I’ve written about 21st Century Skills and my skepticism therein before. Please call me old-fashioned. I will consider it a compliment. I love this post from Diane Ravitch (co-chair of Common Core among other things), especially its simplicity.

Diane’s list of skills is timeless. I would argue that someone who has the first 5 skills in her list will easily master anything the 21st Century throws at him/her. Myself and my fellow Gen Xers did not grow up with computers/cell phones/the internet the way the so-called Millenials did. However, we are no less equipped to coexist with this generation in the workplace. The same applies to my many Baby Boomer colleagues. Some adapt to change faster than others and they are often rewarded in the workplace. We made these adjustments without any special help and I think our children will do well without it as well.

I continue to believe that 21st Century Skills are the latest excuse not to teach content in our schools. Were I a highly cynical, opportunistic soul, I would actually encourage widespread adoption across the country and perhaps the world. This way, when I make sure that my future children have 19th Century Skills, they will have a tremendous advantage over their classmates.

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