Posted by: Bill | July 10, 2009

Sarah Palin deluge

[Begin rant] Please make it stop. I don’t care about her. As a slightly right-leaning guy on many an issue, I still don’t care. I don’t care what her father-in-law thinks about it either. I hope that her recent public babbling (followed by many a threat) was in recognition that she really doesn’t have a future on the national stage, but this is unlikely. Worse than her resignation has been the ranting it has led to from many a commentator, led by Andrew Sullivan at The Altantic. He unleashes venom what feels like every few minutes.[End Rant]

I doubt that she is this crafty, but perhaps Palin resigned in such a cryptic way because she knew it would drive her self-proclaimed enemy (the media) batty trying to figure out why.

The video below may be the only positive in this chain of events thus far. The video is even better when coupled with this one.

Now that my ranting is complete, Peggy Noonan (possible subscription) makes some coherent points about why Palin was a bad idea. Points to her for doing so without ranting.


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